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Meet Morissa O'Mara Hollander

Morissa O'Mara Hollander

Morissa O'Mara Hollander

Real Estate Agent

As an LA native, Morissa’s love for real estate began at a young age, as she was captivated by the architecture and unique characteristics of the city’s diverse neighborhoods. This passion led her to pursue a career in the industry. Today, she leverages her expertise and understanding of Los Angeles and a deep knowledge of its various neighborhoods, to offer comprehensive insights to clients and to help them make a seamless transitions when buying or selling property.
Morissa earned her Master's from USC and a BA from The University of Arizona. Prior to her university education, she attended The Archer School for Girls in Brentwood. Before entering the world of real estate, Morissa taught elementary school in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Morissa recently embarked on a personal project close to her heart. Alongside her husband Max, she renovated her own home, transforming it into a stunning showcase of contemporary design and functionality. This hands-on experience further honed her understanding of the construction and renovation process, allowing her to provide valuable insights and guidance to the team’s clients looking to embark on similar endeavors.
Morissa’s life outside of work is a vibrant tapestry filled with love, laughter, and exploration. When she’s not busy with work, she devotes quality time to friends, family and French bulldog. Whether it’s engaging in lively conversations with friends over delicious meals, or embarking on exciting adventures abroad with her husband, family always takes center stage in Morissa’s life. And what better way to unwind and toast to life’s joys than with a glass of fine wine on the weekends?

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